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  1. I am new to IOS and Xcode and have had to start over on a project 3 times this week. I downloaded (after deleting everything I could find) Xcode a second time and when I tried to create a new project four error triangles came up on the launch images for iPad (one in each corner of the launch image pics). I don't know how to amend this error - can anyone help please? I can still attach images to the icons for iPad but these errors won't let me run the iPad simulator as the project won't build.
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    Any chance you could attach a screen shot? It may be that your uninstallation of XCode may not be complete and it is retaining some stupid settings file causing that.
  3. "Thanks boomstick;759. My membership does not allow me to attach screen shots unfortunately. But I think you are right about the uninstallation not being complete as Xcode picked up on other things e.g. two files TestDriveController.h & TestDriveController.m along with other annoying bits and pieces I had tried to delete. I am trying to create a Road Trip app from scratch using IOS 6 application for Dummies by Neal Goldstein and Dave Wilson. Neal does most of the writing and has changed a final version of this app twice in the last week (on his website) so I am guessing other people are having similar problems along with him."
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    There is a Mac app called "App Cleaner". You may want to use that in order to fully clean our mac from XCode.

    On a side note, I will be in Thailand in about 3 months. How do you like life there? :)
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  5. Thanks Boomstick. I have seen that app before but never really thought about using it. I have been living in Thailand, specifically Bangkok, for two and a half years and love it. I don't really work and am semi retired (the reason for starting this app quest) and have traveled extensively throughout the land. Like anywhere there are social problems but there is a lack of Western attitude and I have a great time. You are going to arrive just past the middle of the rainy season and it will have started to cool down a bit. It is currently in the late 30's (40 and over some days) by the time you arrive it should be mid 30's :D
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    awesome stuff man. Good luck. Hopefully your problem got solved.
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    Yeah, the way moderators and administrators working over this forum is the only reason why many young ios developers opts to join the forum.
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    Great work and wish you the best of luck hope your problem will solve soon

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