Xcode 5 simulator not running current Storyboard

Discussion in 'Xcode tips and tricks' started by Paul Levin, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Paul Levin

    Paul Levin Newbie

    I am going through the Apple tutorial. I did some of it a few days ago. Now today, the simulator will not show any of the changes I make in the Interface Builder. I added a new View to the Storyboard and when I run the simulator the new view is not there.

    How to I clear / reset what the simulator is running?

  2. saud

    saud Administrator Staff Member

    In the iOS Simulator, press iOS Simulator in the menu at the top of the screen, and press 'Reset Content and Settings...'. This will clear the entire simulator.

    Or, on the home screen of the simulator, uninstall the app in the same way you would on a physical device, by pressing and holding on the application icon until an 'x' appears in the top left, and press the 'x', and select 'Delete' from the alert view. This will clear all data associated with a single app.

    Then do a clean, build and run.
  3. Anees Masudi

    Anees Masudi Newbie

    thanks for sharing useful information.

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