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Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by fhidal01, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, Im new to the forum and am seeking some general help. Me and my team ( 2 others ) are trying to develop a turn base game for the ios platform, however we have never developed for ios or any mobile platform for that matter. We have a little bit of the ground work in place (a splash screen, and a puzzle generating algorithm ) however we are at the point where we don't exactly know where to go from here. There are so many different aspects to the game (including game center, implementing a time limit, implementing the turn based aspect of the game, implementing touch interaction...the list seems to go on forever).

    So my general question to those of you out there who have already developed games is where do we go from now. What do we have to look into specifically that will keep this development moving forward and not just jumping around learning random topics and trying to implement them.

    I think our biggest problem right now being the fact that we haven't developed for mobile and haven't developed a game before is that we have no sense of direction. What should we be learning to accomplish our task and the order in which to tackle this project of game development.

    Oh yea, we are making a simple word search game. A puzzle with letters and you have to find certain words in a certain amount of time. So it's not some crazy 3d game with physics and a game engine.

    Any type of advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Honestly you should take it one step at a time and develop a smaller scope game just to get practice. Even though the word game appears to be simple, it seems that you guys are trying to bite bigger then you can swallow. Are you planning to use UI Kit to develop your game or use a 2d gaming library like Cocos 2d? You would be amazed on how much work goes into even a smaller scope game. I would recommend at this time to not use a gaming library but to try to implement a phase 1 implementation of your game with the basics only. you can always add game center / splash screens etc later so do not worry about that at the moment. Just focus on the core basics.

    Hope that helps.

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