What are the best app marketing strategies?

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    Building a great product isn’t enough to make your app the next Angry Birds, the other important part is marketing your app effectively, the more people it reaches, the more downloads you will get,then there is a great chance your app will be the next Angry birds.

    A good place to start your plans for app promotion is to look at how apps are commonly discovered by mobile users. This research on mobile app discovery shows that the most popular methods of app discovery vary by branded and non-branded apps:


    According to the research, we can found that the2 most popular methods of app are “a friend/ Family”and “Searching the Application Store on My Phone”, then you can promote your app with the 2 best app marketing strategies.

    Word of mouth - recommendations from friends and family and through social media

    Most of the new Apps I’ve downloaded in the last 12 months have been recommended by friends, my Twitter and Facebook feeds and bloggers whose reviews I respect. So it is always recommended to promote your app with social media.Connecting with your fans and customers on the social channels they already partake in can do wonders for word-of-mouth marketing around your app. You can achieve it through the following methods:
    • Creating special prizes and raffle them away to those who share your app, post about you, or complete other tasks on their social media.
    • Tell your audience to complete a certain task and tag themselves with contest-specific hashtags on social media in order to follow the development. Reward the winners publically.
    • Cooperate with influencers - Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people - having high-profile Facebook pages or accounts with 100,000+Likes mentioning your app is a huge win.

    Boost App Store Ranking

    As the research data shows, most people download an app by searching in the app stores, boost app store ranking is one of the most effective ways to promote app.
    • App Store Optimization - it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’ search results. You can do it from the following aspects: conduct keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target. Create a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it. Also create an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video.
    • Gather Traffic and Downloads - The more downloads you have, the more downloads you’ll get.
    • Get app Reviews and Ratings - those app which has more app reviews and 4/5-star ratings ranks much higher than others, what’s more, most people prefer to download this kind of app.
    • Improve Engagement and Retention
    • Regularly Update and Upgrade
    • Create Hype/PR
    • Reduce App Size
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  2. The evolution of mobile apps continues to roll on. As apps move away from being standalone platforms and are integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies, many companies are re-thinking the reasons they started their mobile development journey in the first place.
    10 app marketing strategies that are proven to be effective.
    1.Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market
    2.Dedicate the resources your app deserves
    3.Avoid getting pulled in too many directions
    4.Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert
    5.Market the experience, not the app
    6.You don’t market apps just with billboards
    7.Organically lifting your app to new heights…and page ranks
    8.Downloads do not denote success
    9.Test for tactfulness, not perfection
    10.Don’t get complacent! Keep living and breathing mobile
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    If you have built a mobile app, you already have faced the tough turf of competition. If you want to stand out, use the following app marketing strategies that can guarantee success to a large extent
    1. Research target market.
    2. Perform competitor research.
    3. Create a landing page that sells.
    4. Make your app visible in the app store.
    5. Create viral video content.
    6. Start a blog.
    7. Reach your audience with social networks.
    8. Measure your app KPIs.
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    Here are most effective mobile app marketing strategies for 2019:
    1. Research Your Audience
    2. Understand Your Competitors
    3. Prepare Your Press Kit & Other Materials
    4. Optimize Your App Store Page
    5. Get Reviews
    6. Social Media Sharing
    7. Reach Out To Influencers
    8. Leverage Your Mobile Website
    9. Feature The App in Your Emails
    10. Consider Alterative App Stores
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