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    Vloggy need some developers to develop the Android version of Vloggy on voluntary base.

    Vloggy is the newest social media platform, completely devoted to vlogging. With the app we want to make vlogging easier and cheaper so it is possible for everyone with a smartphone to start with it!

    Everything you need will be put into just one app. Camera access, editing software and of course, a social platform to share your vlogs. Everything, in just one touch.

    Do you want more information about our idea?
    Send an email to info (at) vloggy.nl
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    Thanks. Please contact me on skype dauxuanhai2014, i have just email for you.
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    hello, i dont find you on skype. Please add me skype dauxuanhai2014 Thansk

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    i can't contact you skype dude
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