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Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by BiOS, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    I am new to programming in general and have been pursuing it as a hobby for about three months. I have basic understanding of swift and Xcode but I cannot figure out a way to add text boxes to the game I am making. As a work around (the long way around), I've created my own text boxes with a white rectangle as an SKShapeNode and blinking my own cursor and setting its position to the string length of text. Is there an easier way or will I have to do this when I want a text box?
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    There is currently no elegant and simple way to achieve this in SpriteKit. Even mixing UIKit's UITextField is a real mess and hacky to say the least. Your solutions is just as good as what is currently available to you so you should use what makes sense for your game. Presenting text on screen is obviously very easy, but having editable text entry in SpriteKit is not currently available in the framework.
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    that's great=)

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