Turn Based Game Match Data in iOS

Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by Vijay, Jul 24, 2015.

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    Hi I’m working on turn based game development using turn based API from Apple’s GameKit framework. My game is 2 player strategy game. Currently I’m facing the issue match data update on game play screen when the player complete their turn. I have more animation on game play, so the turn data make impact both side.

    and also we need reference or guidance for following questions:

    1.when i get invite from the opponent player, the app will launch and authenticate on home screen but didn’t navigate to game play screen.

    2.How the match data manage easily?

    3.I have 3 primary leaderboard to play the game, Is this possible to update scoreboard for every turn?
  2. The SDK is only available on OS X, forcing you to use a mac. If you don't want to purchase a mac you can either run OS X on a virtual machine on your windows box, or you can install OS X on your PC.
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    Turn-based matches have many useful characteristics that make them great for implementing board games and other similar styles of games; for example: A player can participate in multiple matches simultaneously. A game loads whichever match the player is interested in viewing or advancing. Players must connect to Game Center only to take a turn. A match can be created with less than a full complement of players, even a single player. Other players are added as needed.

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