the end of mobile apps?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Oles Dzyub, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Oles Dzyub

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    We struggle to get app noticed and downloaded, while most smartphone users ignore the whole concept of app stores. Comscore claims that 65% of people don`t download apps at all, and 42% of people spend their time in one app.

    Pretty scary, huh?

    And it`s about to get worse. Jamie Carter in Techradar speculate whether mobile apps will be replaced by digital assistants in the nearest future. Smart agents and virtual personal assistants (like Siri) will handle all mobile interactions, using suggestions and user preferences. This assistance won't be based on one device, rather cloud and combined devices.

    With IoT and cloud-based technologies, it may be better to create one single-codebase website than several native apps. Plus Google index apps and letting users stream apps that they do not have installed on their smartphones. This means even less installs then now.

    How do you think this mobile app ecosystem will change?
  2. Well I'm not quite sure if being a cynic can really help the cause. But really smartphone apps have enhance user accessibility. You don't have to turn your computer on and log onto some website. All you've got to do is to pick up your smartphone, open the relevant app and off you go. So, well I don't quite agree with the notion that the mobile app ecosystem is being hampered. Rather I guess it is booming and flourishing. So no need to get worried.
  3. barrick

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    Mobile apps are at its peak! They improving day by day and there is no chance that they will be stopped. Some online shopping websites are also turning into app only only stores. They are shutting down their websites. That shows that apps are in demand!
  4. NorthLove

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    Apps for mobiles will live until mobiles exists
  5. smart4ic

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    I can agree with the author of this thread.. I guess that later their will be such programs like Siri, which will handle all your personal things, apointments, etc
    But for sure it is not the nearesy future
  6. dont think so
  7. webbygiants

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    Hi, According to me it's an impossible thing that the mobile app will be stope but you can say an android app will end in the future because lots of people shifted to the ios app
    Webby Giants

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