The Best App Review Sites to Submit your Mobile Apps

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    According to a recent Google-Ipsos survey, 52% of awareness for apps comes from friends, family, and colleagues, essentially word of mouth marketing. Getting positive app reviews can help you get more downloads and better visibility.

    However, having app reviews on App Store is not enough. Getting your app reviewed on a popular app review sites, blogs, or publication works better. Favorable app reviews on one of these sites coupled with growth hacks can expose your app to a whole new audience and help you get more downloads.

    Here are Some Popular app reviews Websites
    3. AppStorm
    4. Feed My App
    5. App Useful
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    Yes . Review Exchange website is useful for any publishers having apps in itunes and play store. App Rank is always directly proportional to review count. It helps you take your apps to the next level. I recommend Appreviewdesk The One Stop Solution for Your App Marketing. . It's pretty easy to get genuine reviews and downloads. It opens for you with Unlimited reviews , App Websites and Twitter Marketing for Android and ios Apps .Just have a try.

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