Text input box and keyboard coding problem

Discussion in 'Xcode tips and tricks' started by ByronC, Jul 25, 2019.

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    If this needs to be on another forum or in another thread, I apologize. I looked for something about this problem and could not find anything. I am new at coding IOS, so this is probably a stupid question but here goes. I am using xCode 9.2 and building for the iPhone 8 Plus. My app in the simulator has a text input box and I need the keyboard to appear when I begin to enter text into that box. I have been able to get the keyboard to appear a few times, but sometimes on the very next execution of the simulator, with no coding changes having been made, the keyboard may or may not appear. I have tried to identify what changes might be affecting the keyboard display, but I haven't been able to isolate anything. I have set the 'Keyboard Type' parameter to either 'Default' or 'Decimal Pad', but neither seems to work, consistently if at all. Sometimes I get a 'Failed to initiate service connection to simulator' message, although the simulator comes up anyway. What am I missing?

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