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Discussion in 'Xcode tips and tricks' started by phlim, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. phlim

    phlim Newbie

    Could somebody help me. When I upload the source code via application loader, it trigger me…
    “The application wrapper must end in .app. /var/folders/j1/5bpy0tms5wqd0t_v7kr91980000gn/T/ code is invalid.”
    How to rectify that? Thanks
  2. princess_affair

    princess_affair Level 1 Regular Member

    In Xcode, just choose Archive from the Product menu, then the Organizer will open to reveal the build once it's done compiling. Then click Submit.
  3. phlim

    phlim Newbie

    Thks princess, I tried the last few days and manage to get the file archive. However, when I want to submit it will be under mac app store. I cannot go to ios app store. How should I do? tks
  4. monikamehta

    monikamehta Newbie

    Once you have created and saved an iTunes Connect record for an app, you can upload a build. Only users with the following roles can upload builds to iTunes Connect: Admin, Technical, App Manager, and Developer.

    As you continue to change your app, you can upload new builds. Uploading the first build for the app creates a new prerelease version of the app.

    After you upload your build to iTunes Connect, it needs to be processed in Apple’s system. After it finishes processing, Apple will send you an email.

    There are two tools to help you upload builds into iTunes Connect: Xcode and Application Loader.
  5. Anees Masudi

    Anees Masudi Newbie

    Unfortunately, I don't have much experience over working such kinds of platform.

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