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    I just published my game Watch out Eggy created by Stencyl. It was very easy to code on Stencyl. Though Stecyl still has got lot of bugs but they are trying to overcome heart and soul. Watch out Eggy is working properly! I'm really glad about it.


    You too can check how good my game is! his game is available on App store & Google Play store.

    iTunes Link (Full Version @ $1.99):
    iTunes Link (Free Version):
    Google Play Link (Full Version @ $1.99):
    Google Play Link (Free Version):

    Watch out Eggy is a puzzle based adventure game. It has 100+ levels. The game takes place in a sci-fi setting.

    Check this out! The youtube Game Play video of Watch out Eggy!

    Some in game screenshots:




    If you liked the game, don't forget to let me know on my facebook page!
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    This is an app promotion so don't you think you can post it in the correct section of this website? You will surely get banned if you keep doing this.

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