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  1. Hey there would look have a app built but have no clue really im a filmaker and i would primarily need a app that is to be sold on google play and it work primarily with windows. I can really say what the app is to you as im pretty sure it would be easily built so im not sure how to go about finding the right person or even getting a idea on a fee. If you have anything to add or suggest i would greatly appritiate it.
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    I think a good start would be to talk to someone that can help you with you with what you have in mind and have the right technology set to assist you. I would probably look for qualified Windows mobile developers. For the sake of transparency, I do want to mention that I am a managing partner of a firm called 2 Levels Above that does mobile development for various platforms (including Windows) and can probably guide you in that matter. However if you decide to work with another developer, I would recommend looking for someone that has Windows mobile development experience.

    As a side note, you may want to answer questions like:
    1). Why only sell on Google Play?
    2). Why only work with Windows?
    3). Why do I not want to sell on iOS that has the highest consumer spenders out there

    etc etc
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