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  1. Hello Guys,

    Just to share with you a site to exchange apps/games reviews.

    - for each review you give, you will receive a review back!

    - the reviews must be sincere and honest. If you don't like the app you can say that or just skip to review another app.

    1) use your computer to login and register your apps. After that just
    2) open the website on your device. Login again (it will memorize the password)
    3) download the app, play the app and give a review to the app on AppStore.
    4) Before sending the review to AppStore, capture the screen
    5) Open Safari again and send it (on our page
    6) You will receive 1 review credit for each review you do.
  2. Abdul Malik

    Abdul Malik Newbie

    Thanks to sharing the app review exchanging site I need it.
  3. Ennathe

    Ennathe Newbie

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  4. Aashin

    Aashin Newbie

    Good review exchange site .

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