Sale App or Sale through an App, the same 30 percent?

Discussion in 'App Marketing & Promotion' started by short, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. short

    short Newbie

    Hey, yes i know maby a really common or stupid cuestion but i can't finde an answer :(

    It's the same? did apple also get 30% from everything what i sell through the app? even if my app is free?

    So if i'm let's say airline all the tickets i sell through the app apple gets 30% too?

    Can that be? or it's just 30% from the app cost.

    Thank you
  2. jsliu

    jsliu Newbie

    Yes. Everything is sold via apple, your revenue will be cut by 30%.
  3. short

    short Newbie

    Via Apple incudes through the app? via my own visa payment module? sure? because i cant believe that an airline, or amazon pays 30% of all transactions, makes no sense, then a ticket buyed over an app should be 30% more expensive to compensate.

    Really Sure?
  4. mokoolapps

    mokoolapps Newbie

    Yes through Apple. We make revenue from third party ad networks (RevMob, ChartBoost, PlayHaven), Apple does not get 30% of that, I get 100% of that, I get 70% of sales of the app or IAP.

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