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Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by thorep, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. thorep

    thorep Newbie


    Great forum , is this a new forum?

    My app "Quizzer" just went into review at apple.
    Its a quiz app.

    I was wondering , does anyone know where i can buy packs of quiz questions?
    I have alot already but i always need more:)
  2. supra

    supra Newbie

    Yes this is a brand new spanking forum and I love it also :). It is my 4th day on it.

    What sort of quizzes did you have in mind? That is what type of topics? Also what sort of format are you looking at?
  3. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    I need quizes that have 4 choices ( one of the right). They questions needs to be less than 80 chars long. Topics can be a good mix. My vision for the quiz questions is that...everybody should have a change to get them right , but they can sometimes be hard. Its hard to explain what i think:p
  4. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    I also need foreign langauge quizes , anyone knows who sells them?
  5. appman

    appman Newbie

    How about you prepare the quizzes in english and have them translated using a translation service? I can speak some languages and can possibly assist. Other than that translation may work. If the quizzes are simple enough, maybe you can even use Google translator to have a rough ball park quiz ready. You will save money that way and know what content goes on it. Check it out: Google Translate
  6. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    I have tries Google translate from english to my native language , it gets every question wrong , I need to buy from someone who actually speaks the language
  7. appman

    appman Newbie

    Well I can do Urdu/Farsi for you :) You can probably can get Espanol. What are your key languages you want to focus in?
  8. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    My key languages is ...all languages:p im focusing on getting german questions now but all languages are ok.
  9. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    Why don't you post some sample quiz question so everyone can get an idea on what type of questions you are looking for. Thanks
  10. I am not sure still you can manually enter questions just search for gk questions on the web
  11. Lucia

    Lucia Newbie

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  12. damponting44

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