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    App promotion is getting more and more difficult these days. We are the team behind storytelling app pixotale and photo apps including Levitagram. In our experience the most effective free promotion is to post guides on how to use our apps. We didn't find a great tool to do it so we built one. :) We made it very easy to create a "story" for your app and it's all done on your iDevice. You can write a guide, or how you developed your product, or fun facts about your team, or compare your service with your competitor's.

    Check out this sample story:

    Add screenshots from your album, or pull them from your appstore entry, then add some text. After you post you story other people will be able to vote for their favorites.

    The app is now available in appstore: Or search for "appstory".
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    I messaged you with mine.
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    Just sent you an invite.
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    AppStory is now available in appstore. Updated original post with link.
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    AppStory is currently accessible in appstore. Redesigned unique post with connection.
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    I like this post, pls keep on going.

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