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  1. Tell me if this sounds like you:
    - I want to learn Swift but I don't know where to start
    - I wish I had an iOS expert to answer all my questions
    - I can't google this iOS problem because it's specific to me
    - Stack Overflow doesn't make sense. I wish I had someone who could explain Swift in plain English to me.

    Wouldn't it be great if you had a go-to guide to help you with all your iOS coding questions and problems?

    Someone to guide you, help you, and mentor you with Swift, iOS, and making great apps when you need it most?

    Well that's what I've set out to create for you:

    Personalized iOS coaching to help YOU create the apps of your dreams.
    https:// www. mypersonalcompass .com/ios

    My name is Alex Ogorek, and I'm a veteran of iOS with over 7+ years of experience, 20+ apps and games on the App Store, and many jobs ranging from startup to Fortune 100 companies

    I know what it takes to design, develop, and deploy excellent, high-fidelity, scalable, and maintainable iOS applications.

    If this sounds like something you're interested in, you can learn more about it here:
    https:// www. mypersonalcompass .com/ios

    (CEO of Personal Compass)

    PS: I really feel like more people, including you, should learn and become an expert mobile dev.

    That's why I'm offering a discount on the first 30 days of coaching, to ensure you start growing at an exponential pace without breaking the wallet.

    I know you'll appreciate that.


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