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    1. Keep the title of your App pretty much straight forward & simple. Try best to opt for the unique name and in that include relevant keywords for which you want to rank.

    2. It's very important that you should place your primary keywords within the first 80 characters.

    3. Likewise, compelling title try to write up a description which attracts users attention. Avoid copy paste description from other apps present in the store. Including a call to action in the description is always plus benefit. Along with same include your targeted keywords as well as LSI keywords to make it easy for search results to judge your app is all about.

    4. Avoid using trademarks or even celebrity names as your targeted keywords as it is against App store policy.

    5. Choose relevant & appropriate categories.

    6. Try to include proper screenshots of your app as it will help users to better know about app i.e. how app design looks like. Also if a video of an app can be included that would be a surplus bonus.

    7. Create A Unique logo of your app which stands out from the crowd as it will create a brand identity.

    8. Try your best to encourage rating and reviews.
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    Thanks for your kind information.

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