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    Hi all,
    I'm a sound designer/audio engineer and I am looking to provide custom audio sound design for iOS and Android apps to build up my mobile gaming portfolio. I've provided sound design for many commercial clients including HBO, E!, MTV, Discovery Channel and many others, and am looking to branch out. Interested?

    What I Provide:
    CREATIVE and UNIQUE sound design for your app. Set your app apart from the crowd. After our collaboration, I will provide all files as they are intended for the game, so down-sampled/encoded versions of files, that are mixed and edited specifically for iOS or Android products. In addition to this, I supply a technical file detailing what each sample does, explaining its intended use, where it goes, file name etc and any other specific detail that may be required.

    What You Must Provide:
    Typically a developer (unless I am directing the audio) will send a list of the sound effects, music, ambiences, and any other audio they want, with details of their intended use, placement in-game, length (and whether music needs to loop), and a short brief describing how it should sound. Note: Sending a screen capture of the app, going through its functions is great help!

    Don't use stock, generic sounds downloaded off the web everyone else is using for your app. Give your app the creative and custom edge it needs to stand out!


    Selected Portfolio:
    Animation Sound Design (all sounds designed by me): "Oktapodi" - Sound for Film Project on Vimeo
    HBO: "Vogue"- A Documentary
    E!: Ice Loves Coco S3
    Food Network: "Best Thing on Sliced Bread"
    Discovery Channel: "Sahara"
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