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    The Apple App Store has nearly 1 million applications. Developers have been kicking it into high gear lately; unfortunately, most new applications go unnoticed and unused.

    My Story
    Let me tell you my story. A few friends and I created a unique matching and memory game with what we believed had better gameplay and usability than most of our competitors. Things were going great, we had friends and family beta test for us, the response we received was tremendously overwhelming. We continued to update and fix bugs along the road. We planned for a huge launch day, which we believed would be a major success. Well, like the other hundreds of thousands of developers, our app went unnoticed. It flopped. We had one download, it was like someone dropped a brick on our hopes and dreams and we were crushed.

    Luckily, innovative companies are coming to the rescue to help developers like my friends and I. We searched the web for companies who promised real downloads and reviews for apps. The search came to an end when we found Promote your iOS App - Buy App Reviews & App Paid Review. They gave us real downloads, rates and reviews from real people. After inquiring a bit more about the company I discovered that they offered one of the best policies in the business.

    Some history
    Best Review App has a personal relationship and communication network with all the real reviewers. These reviewers never give less than a 3 star review on your application and are pre screened to make sure they have no prior affiliations or biases towards any company. Like many of them understand, creating apps is difficult and they always give constructive feedback on the app. This next point is the reason I chose to go with The reviewers will share your app link on Facebook, Twitter if they think it is a good one. The reason I think this is such a great thing is because it starts a social buzz around your app, allowing it to go viral like mine did.

    We chose to make our app free to begin with, thus each review and download cost us a minimal $2.99. This is a great value because unlike traditional marketing, this is guaranteed to translate into sales, reviews, recommendations and social buzz. If you happen to be charging for your app they simply add on the cost of the app to the price per download. They offer reviews from 5 main areas: USA, UK, China, Canada and others.I heard Australia is coming soon!

    After working with Promote your iOS App - Buy App Reviews & App Paid Review my friends and I can strongly recommend them. Not only did it get us on the board with downloads, but it also created legitimate credibility in the app store. Our app averages 4 stars on reviews and is nearing the most popular page of leisure games. For developers who have tried multiple services and marketing tactics, look no further, Promote your iOS App - Buy App Reviews & App Paid Review helped our app go viral.

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