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    My partners and I are currently in a process of establishing a new platform for mobile app developers. This new and different platform will assist developers to make more money from their app with less hassle. In order to do so I would appreciate it if you could fill in a few details on this link:
    Monetize your app

    For any questions or suggestions please contact us at
    Thank you!
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    I'm interested in finding out more about your App Monetization platform. Can you please let me know how the platform is able to make more money for developers.

    Thanks :)
  3. Oles Dzyub

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    We recently posted an article on this topic, based on app monetization case studies. here are some valuable info for app developers:

    Last year’s app monetization trends show that banner advertising was the most popular model. 50.3% of mobile developers implemented interstitial ads into their apps and 40.8% implemented standard banners. The second most popular monetization model was in-app purchases with 49.7% of developers using it.

    Though things change quickly. Freemium monetization models become more common as developers adapt it to all verticals. App developers are becoming more concerned with how ad formats influence user experience, especially after all that buzz around the launch of Apple ad blocking feature.

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