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    Hii everyone,

    I am a new here, Sorry for asking this question in this forum but I still need some suggestion.
    I run my business and after settling it , I'm looking for best mobile app development firm for my business’s App. I want an amazing and attractive App for my business in my not so big budget. I found some reputed app development company on Google “Creative27, Apptology, iMOBDEV Technologies, Click Labs and QBurst” but I m confused which one to select for my App building. If anyone have ever worked with any app development company, then please share your experience with me.
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    Hi we are from TechnoTronicsllp Solution india`s Top Information Technology Company. I try to sugession about Mobile App Promotion and Development
    Mobile app development is a multi-dimensional, multi-functional process, involving several complicated stages of programming and formatting for the different mobile devices it is intended to work on. How can you develop and promote your app in a way that it is more effective and makes an impression on mobile users?
    Here are some quick tips to help you develop and present your app in a more effective manner. Common Mistakes to Avoid during Mobile App Development.
  3. When you are going to choose a mobile app development company you should keep some points in your mind, like:
    • Intuitive interface
    • A modern design
    • Smooth navigation
    • Great speed
    The procedure of mobile app development is constantly devoted towards versatility and adaptability of arrangements with a specific end goal to guarantee extraordinary execution and protecting the adaptability for the up and coming prospects.
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    5 Best Ways to Promote Your App

    If you have already developed an amazing android app then now it’s a time to promote your app to make famous and popular. These best ways are given below.

    1. Social Networking:
    This is one of the best and free ways to promote your app by posting about your new app to your friends and family on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. On this, social website there is a lot of groups, app installs and promotion groups which you can join and share your apps or games there for free.
    2. Blogs:
    You can promote your app through blogs or discussion forums related to mobile apps by posting all the features and details of your new app.
    3. Share the video on Social Media:
    With the help of this method, you can upload a video demo (demonstration) to YouTube with all the information and features related to the app.
    4. Website:
    Create a small website related to your new app with the domain name similar to app name; provide screenshots, features and all details related to the app. This website name similar to your app name encourages users to download your app because they think that this app must be a great app because App Company also develops a website belongs to this app. This website also contains a feedback or review page in which users give feedback about your app and you also must reply to their messages or reviews.

    5. ASO (App Store Optimization):
    ASO is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that give your app more visibility in search results. For doing ASO you should do some important things like your app name should be unique, write app related short keywords with your app name, the description should contain all details about app and features. Also, provide 3 screenshots and 1 video tutorial that explain your app main features and all details.
    You can get more Downloads and Reviews from our App promotion Service for more info check out here
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    I have seen your app in play store . The app looks good with simple operation with simple and cool looks which is extremely useful and moreover it looks like you need a little more promotion boosting . However, I think you can make your app more popular with more 5 star reviews on a regular basis, and also i think your app need a dedicated website showing your app features online to enhance the promotion .

    We introduced a Review Exchange Site for both Android and ios apps. Please register here our site
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    If you want to get real people to Download your apps you can get from Website for Free to get more downloads and Reviews.
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    Here are ten important steps you’ll want to take to improve your ASO in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    • Use a Descriptive Title
    • Use Keywords Wisely
    • Describe Your App Well
    • Use High Quality Screenshots
    • Add an App Preview Video
    • Pick the Right Category
    • Focus on Icon Design
    • Encourage Positive Reviews
    • Use App Store Analytics
    • Re-evaluate Regularly
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