Marketing Resources for Mobile App Developers?

Discussion in 'App Marketing & Promotion' started by iosman, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. iosman

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    I'm wondering what resources you have used to promote and market your mobile app? Or if you can give some tips or recommendations, links, etc?
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    The easiest way to promote an app is to have something which promotes itself. With that in mind, here are a few pointers:

    1. Have an app that solves a real problem (people talk about things that help them)
    2. Provide a great experience (this requires a lot of attention to detail)
    3. Provide a great first use experience (or OOBE)
    4. Provide excellent support (people talk about this)
    5. Have a social aspect to the app (can you integrate with other users?)
    6. Add the ability to integrate the app with social networks (if at all appropriate)
    7. Provide a free trial (if the app isn't free itself).
    8. Promote, promote, promote!
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    To promote your mobile app, provide free demo or trial, create short video regarding this app and post it on Youtube and describe features in forum sites.
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  5. steve parry

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    I always start with test campaigns before promoting my app through major paid channels. Usually I use a site like to get initial reviews and user feedback and take all comments into account before rolling out a larger marketing campaign. When I do launch with Admob, FAAD, etc., I know I have good data as well as reviews to convince organic users to download.
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    Steve, thanks for the feedback. We will surely check out those channels and visit

    thanks again
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    Hi, guys!

    To promote your app, there are some useful methods at below:

    About app promotion:

    (1) Bundle the Display Name should be short as far as possible.

    (2)If your app function is simple, you can use the function as the title. Make a ruler app, for example, you can create the title as ruler, ruler +, xRuler, iRuler...And so on. Remembering the goal is to make title appearing in search results easily.

    (3)If your app function is complex, you should create a special title of your app.The key is smooth and easy to promote.

    (4) you can create a subtitle to explain the feature of your app, which must be clear and attractive.

    (5) Put the main keyword in title to increase the search ranking.


    When a user find your app on the app stores, the app's icon is undoubtedly the most intuitive and one of the most important element.The user type in the appropriate keywords, the app of the returned list will only display on two elements: the name of the app and its icon.

    Some users might read the description of app, and some of the other users may only see the icon, but most people will consider about the two factors at the same time.

    Therefore, the icon of your app must be attractive and appealing.Also, the style of the icon must be accord with the style of your app.


    1. the description should be summarized to one sentence to explain the main function of your app

    2. you should pay attention to the first 3 sentences, which can drive people to read more information of your app indirectly.

    3. you can also put the keywords in the description, which can increase the exposure rate of your app.


    65%-75% audiences would like to install an app by searching relevant keywords in app stores, so it is necessary to optimize your app keywords with effective ways.

    the quality of keywords affects your app ranking. However, promoting the quality of keywords is a tough task, including the relevance, competitive, localization and plural. So, it is necessary to optimize your keywords using some effective ways. If you have enough budget, you can buy keywords search installs from a reliable app store optimization company(ASOTOP1) to promote the search ranking of your app.

    screenshots and videos
    (1) Screenshots should also be attractive, for it shows the interface of your app directly.

    (2) You can add some screenshots of users' review, which can convey the real information and experience of users and attract much more potential users to install your app.

    (3) video should be short and interesting, using the dynamic information to introduce your app clearly. Also, you can add the link of your app and other ways of download in the video.


    Review serve as an important part of an app, which convey the essential information and real experience of app users. The quality of reviews can decide the installs of your app. The way of audience would like to choose one app with more positive reviews, indeed, the reviews also influence the installs of your app. So, you can buy app reviews from a reliable app reviews provider(Bestreviewapp) to promote your app if you have enough budget.

    In addition to these methods of app store optimization, you could try to app marketing to promote your app.

    (1) social media: you can advertise your app on some popular social media, like Facebook, Instagram. In these platforms, you can add some relevant app developers and communicate with them, sharing the experience and idea with them, but don't forget leave your app link at below.

    (2) special websites: special websites, like classified and review websites, are the good platform to advertise your app. For the audiences would like to install your app when they browse these websites.

    (3) content promotion: you can write some relevant blogs and essays to introduce your app, including the function, the features, etc. Of course, you can invite some popular stars and bloggers to help you if you have enough budget.

    (4) cross promotion: this way means that you can put your app on the other apps that you have published before and have received good responses.

    (5) you can invite your friends and relatives to install your app, and then they will advertise your app in their friend circle, which can increase your app installs effectively in return.

    (6) advertising:
    inviting some popular stars and bloggers to advertise your app

    publish some news and advertisements directly to popularize your app

    put the video of your app on websites to advertise your app

    (7) leverage your app website
    you can create a website of your app, crafting the page and designing a beautiful interface of your website. The users can communicate with others in this platform, and you can find the potential problem of your app by reading the messages from the users and find the relevant solution to solve these problems.

    (8) pre-loaded in app stores: you can pre-loaded your app in app stores to guide the audience to install your app, which can gain much more installs of your app although it will took much money.

    Wish these tips will be useful!
    Sorry I have no right here to leave some useful link to you, if you need some help about app promotion, please feel free to contact me via Skype!

    Skype: marlyn_maling

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