Looking for experienced iOS developers nationwide U.S. ($500.00 referral fee)

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  1. donramsay

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    Position Overview:

    Employer Augment is currently seeking an experienced mobile application developer with a strong working knowledge of iOS platforms to join our Development Team.


    At least 3-5 years of experience in coding with below listed required skills:
    - Working knowledge of Objective – C
    - Working knowledge of frameworks
    - Working knowledge of ASIIHTTP/Afnetworking library
    - Fluency with Object-Oriented and MVC programming models
    - Proficiency in UIKit, Foundation, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Data
    - Fluency with multi-threaded programming styles and approaches
    - Experience creating and working with libraries
    Basic knowledge of networks (structure, protocols and etc.)
    Hands-on knowledge of new iOS 4+ features (blocks, multitasking)
    Understanding of XML and XML parsing, HTML, Javascript, and JSON

    Please Visit: http://employeraugment.com

    Additional Skills (Bonus):

    Experience with Android development
    Working knowledge of other programming languages, such as C++, PHP
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  2. Alan Thomas

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    Are you looking for freelancers?
  3. donramsay

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    Possibly. Where are you based out of? Please PM me with your details. Thanks
  4. Sienna Amelia

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    If you really look to out source the project, Hire Contus iOS developers mobility solution providers where they have developed decent number of apps for their clients on different platforms. You can look for their portfolio here
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    The link does not work .
  6. Sienna Amelia

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    Hi Thanks ! Its working fine you can check now.
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  8. Nizam Ali

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