Level Designer Bug - Gravity

Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by raglet, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. raglet

    raglet Newbie

    I'm having this weird issue with the level designer in Xcode 6.4 & 7 beta 2 where, if I change the value of the gravity in the inspector I can no longer enter negative values so there's no way to reset it to -9.8. Can anyone else confirm if they the have the same issue and how to fix/ work around it?

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  2. sukha0053

    sukha0053 Newbie

    i also face the same issue please help me both.
  3. sukha0053

    sukha0053 Newbie

    i am searching very well but zero answer.
  4. sukha0053

    sukha0053 Newbie

    anybody here who help me.please reply my post. :(
  5. sunita

    sunita Newbie

    same here
  6. Ennathe

    Ennathe Newbie

    i can't find mistake

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