Learn iOS Development in 2 Minutes - Tutorial series.

Discussion in 'iOS Tutorials' started by SocialViruss, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. SocialViruss

    SocialViruss Newbie

    Hey guys.
    I've been making a series of YouTube tutorials in which I teach different elements of Swift in just 2 minutes.

    It would be great if you guys could check it out and give me some feedback as to how to improve it etc.
  2. saud

    saud Administrator Staff Member

    very nice
  3. SocialViruss

    SocialViruss Newbie

    Thank you!
  4. NorthLove

    NorthLove Newbie

    I like dat fast guides, ty
  5. smart4ic

    smart4ic Newbie

    cool staff.. that is awesome idea of teaching.. today we do not have much time for different things and such quick tutorials are really useful
  6. Jack Carter

    Jack Carter Newbie

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.
  7. webbygiants

    webbygiants Newbie

    Nice video

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