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  1. genesis

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    I have over 2 years experience in iOS doing both iPhone/iPad development. I am a good communicator and can easily take your project from start to completion. I can work on a payment plan and have excellent references.

    Please PM me for additional details.
  2. thoabui

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    Looking for "senior software engineer (Java and mobility)"

    Dear Friend,
    I am a consultant at First Alliances specializing in ITT Team. My Client a Software company is looking for Senior software engineer (Java and mobility). If you are interested in hearing more about this position, please contact me at or call me via 0933240826. I look forward to your prompt reply.
  3. supra

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    is that long distance charges to that phone number? lol
  4. doublec1

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    I got several locations for an iOS Developer and they are located in Tampa Bay, FL or Austin, TX or Milwaukee, WI or Omaha, NE or South Brunswick, NJ or WI or New York City, NY or Hershey, PA or Beaverton, OR. Are you interested in any of these locations and if you are please email me at for more information.
  5. genesis

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    Nope no onsite. There is not enough talent for any employer to realistically expect onsite presence. And what does onsite have to do with anything.
  6. Nizam Ali

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