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  1. We are looking for a U.S. based professional who has experience with iOS development, preferably someone who is full stack (front-end and back-end development.)

    Must have experience with Swift and Objective - C languages.

    We need someone who displays passion for their work and can get behind a project (not just looking for a paycheck.) There is potential to become a long term partner or employee.

    Total build time will be approximately three years.

    Please include your skills, experience & examples of your work in your proposal. Thank you!
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  2. smart4ic

    smart4ic Newbie

    Hello) Why exactly woman?
  3. Hi @smart4ic - we're accepting proposals from women & men, but are hoping to give a woman the opportunity, since female developers are the minority. :)
  4. Frank Jones

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    Hi @Freelance recruiter
    would you like to work with freelance developer outside the USA with availability of US timezone?
    and is this job still open or you hire someone?

    Thanks & Regards
  5. Bebler App

    Bebler App Newbie

    Hi recruiter,

    Were you able to get a candidate?
  6. damponting44

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  7. Nizam Ali

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