iOS Developer Here, Need any SDKs installed?

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    I would love to do small jobs for people such as any SDK implementations such as Revmob, iAd, Chartboost, Tap For Tap, Nextpeer, Gamecenter, Twitter, Facebook, Email or any other SDK to your pre-existing app. Also if you need anything fixed when it comes to coding or Xcode wise, I would also love to help with that. Or do you need help adding the assets and art images that your artist/designer made to put into your app project and code or do you need done any other kind of small dev job?

    I would prefer small jobs because I am currently working full-time as an iOS Developer on an enterprise app for a bay area corporation. However if you really want to reach out to me to help with an entire app project or bigger job we can discuss and see if it's good for both of us at this time.

    Just let me know your interest and we can discuss further what you need done and pricing.

    Please email me here: Contact Email


    Here's a summary of skills:

    I am an independent iPhone and iPad Software Engineer. I graduated college as a Computer Science major. I have a huge passion for programming iOS apps. I have worked on several apps for others which include an enterprise level financial app, a major news app, proverb/quotes app, and quiz game app. I also have my own apps in the app store here:


    Angry Space Monsters

    I am ready to serve as your software engineer for this project.

    Skills and technologies I have used in past projects:
    - Extensive knowledge of Objective-C
    - Experience working on several apps for iPhone and iPad
    - Use of Xcode with complex problems
    - Familiar with and have been exposed to and used HTML for website development.
    - Understanding of the importance of using readable, clear code with explicit variable names and effective commenting.
    - Worked with Game Center, In-app purchases, Core Data, NSUserdefaults, Parse, Appoxee, Test Flight, iAds, Revmob, Tap For Tap, iRate, Reachability, JSON
    - Utilized StoreKite, FacebookSDK, GameKit, MessageUI, Twitter, AVFoundation, MapKit and Core Location Frameworks
    - I also have the expertise to quickly setup push notifications for your app
    - I have personally been through and know the complete process of developing an app that meets all Apple guidelines and it being approved in the Apple App Store.
    - I have worked on and have experience with large scale enterprise level apps involving a team of developers, designers and managers.
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    Thanks for posting. I do not have anything however was curious on how it was working in the Bay area. I love the place however the cost of living has me scared. I work as an iOS developer also however am in another state.
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    Hi Tocal

    I'm the project manager @ Arkitecht []. We're a digital marketing firm based in Orange County, CA. One of our core clients is Nike. They are currently looking for a very basic scorekeeping app. We can build a web app that does what they are looking for but they would prefer a native Objective-C app for the App Store. We're looking for a developer for this project and future project. If you have any interest please email me. . Thanks
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