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  1. Hi,

    I am a experienced software engineer, but rather new (actually totally new) to IOS development and I had a quick questions about the technical feasibility of a small project I had in mind. Knowing that Apple has certains restrictions regarding Bluetooth devices, I am unsure if the following project is technically feasible.

    I want to develop a simple Bluetooth device that is able to connect to the phone, and transmit to an application, the value of a binary sensor (on/off)

    Is this possible at all? Are there better ways of accomplishing this?

    Is anyone familiar with Bluetooth hardware able to comment on the technical complexity of the hardware itself ?

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    hi buddy,
    I am an accomplished programming engineer, yet rather new (very new) to IOS advancement and I had a speedy inquiries concerning the specialized attainability of a little venture I had at the top of the priority list. Realizing that Apple has certains confinements in regards to Bluetooth gadgets, I am uncertain if the accompanying venture is in fact possible.

    I need to build up a straightforward Bluetooth gadget that can interface with the telephone, and transmit to an application, the estimation of a parallel sensor (on/off)

    Is this conceivable by any stretch of the imagination? Are there better methods for fulfilling this?

    Is anybody acquainted with Bluetooth equipment ready to remark on the specialized multifaceted nature of the equipment itself ?

    Much obliged!

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