iOS App in the background connected to BLE device

Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by fjavier, Apr 27, 2018.

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    I have an iPhone 5C with iOS 11 running an app that is connected with a bluetooth device. When communication is lost (both spread apart, turn off bluetooth, etc) the buzzer in the device sounds. The device is a Bluetooth button and the App is Itrack Easy. I am testing its behavior to use this button as a panic device with my own App. According to all I´ve read, specific Apps in the background are allowed in iOS e.g. Apps that communicate with bluetooth devices. For this specific App, that is true almost all the time, it does run in the background. The problem happens when I browse in the web with the phone. Sometimes the App is killed and the buzzer sounds. Is it that iOS just kills the App due to lack of memory for browsing? Is it that the developer of this App did a bad job? How can I prevent a declared background Bluetooth App from being killed by the system? Thanks for any advise

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