In need of an iOS Developer in Austin, TX

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  1. Eric Sherman

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    iOS Developers/Engineers

    We have immediate openings in North Austin, TX for iOS iPhone/iPad developers with direct experience building mobile apps for the iPhone platform.

    You will be responsible for developing mobile solutions for the iPhone platform, working directly with an existing mobile solutions environment that supports both end-user interaction (iPhone and Android platforms) and back-end connectivity (core systems in banking, entertainment and media). You will work with a variety of team members, including architects, analysts, database engineers and UI designers to deliver leading-edge mobile solutions.

    Specific Experience:

    · 2+ years iOS experience building mobile applications

    · 7+ years overall development experience

    · Specific experience in banking and/or entertainment industries

    · Proven experience working in a high-volume, web-oriented environment

    · Experience designing and delivering generic, pattern-based solutions

    · Experience designing "quick-and-dirty" alternatives and knowing when this is okay

    · Thorough understanding of development methodologies including waterfall, unified process and agile

    · Great communicator – skills in both written and verbal communications

    If you possess these skills and are interested in joining our team, please email your resume with cover letter to
  2. Lucia

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  3. Nizam Ali

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