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  1. prevent or days to bring down the swelling and inflammation in that year before even trying to clean it before them or dog is difficult to Medicaid a dose or 72 hours may be very helpful in dexamethasone is very helpful to being handled otherwise the dacian is really very humane because this is painful when dogs are under anesthesia and we're cleaning and manipulating their ears we can have them essentially wake up from anesthesia if they're not kept in a deep surgical plane so it's not light anesthesia they need a fair degree of sedation in in anesthesia when you really have to clean an aggressive year they need to make sure that you do that sometimes you can use less sedation if you can freak medicate with pain meds but to the veterinarians in the office I'm audience I know that you probably have a good handle on what you need to do but again I think it's really necessary cleaning years without sedation is

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