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    is of channel and talk about in 2020 I would definitely you know coming here and do it I definitely for being here and thank y'all for being positive those of you that are positive and uplifting in the comments and those are coming back to people I'll be seeing y'all me I'll be trying to help people and stuff in the comments and I love it that's what I want to happen here you know and now you're understand why I try to just stay over here as opposed to fold it crazy about that huh but yeah y'all I hope y'all enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I will see y'all on my next one bye hi my friend Sam via here at the style studio in Miami Florida so excited to be with the Styles app that's right the Styles app st yl e-z now here's what I want you to do take your phone out go to your apps and download the Styles app here's why I'm so happy to be here at the style studio because I'm loving their content they our culture's are very similar there's so much about education so much behind the hairdresser not only that but they compliment

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