hSenid Outsourcing Launches Kitchenmate Timer IOS Application

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  1. Good news for IOS users. Now you can watch your favourite TV series, do some laundry, get on Facebook or anything really, while your food is on the stove. The things start to go haywire when you have multiple dishes on the stove. Each dish having a different cooking time makes it impossible to remember when to check the stove. Your burnt dishes will be a thing in the past, with Kitchenmate Timer.

    Setup multiple timers with Kitchenmate Timer, whether your dish is on the gas stove, oven or the grill. When a timer expires your phone will notify you that a dish is done. Boiling water is a thing you do every day, save Boiling Water as a preset and in three clicks you can start your timer. How cool is that?

    Kitchenmate Timer for IOS is a totally free app and available on App Store.

    Send your feedback to: ios-feedback@hsenidoutsourcing.com

    Kitchenmate timer will be your ideal companion in your next battle of cooking to produce a yummy meal in a hassle free manner.
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    yeah this is pretty cool. So you guys just do free apps?

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