hSenid Outsourcing Launches Kitchenmate Converter IOS Application

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  1. Another Kitchenmate product has reached the market for the IOS lovers. While making your dishes without any burns make it more delicious than earlier with proper requirements which can be count as weight of the solid ingredients, volume of the fluid ingredients, boiling temperature and the boiling time. If you miss one of them, you will miss the excellence of it. Baking Ingredients, Fluid Ounce, Gas Mark and Boiling Time are the 4 quick-charts which display the regular conversions of each section which mentioned above or else if the required conversion is not available, you can make the converts through the app too. The picker-view will helps to select the metric units for the transition. And not only for cooking if the phone is with you, can use it to convert anything wherever you need it.

    Through the app settings the default metric units in each section can be changed as you wish. Kitchenmate Converter for IOS is a totally free app and available on App Store.

    Send your feedback to: ios-feedback@hsenidoutsourcing.com

    Kitchenmate Converter is a ideal application to your day today life specially when you are in the kitchen to produce a yummy meal in a hassle free manner.

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    this looks pretty cool.

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