hSenid Outsourcing Launches Bright Sparks IOS Application

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  1. Do you remember the movie which scored highest at the Box office awards or about planets..?? Answer thirst quenching questions and become a vital genius while learn about Sports, History, Astronomy and many more.. To experience all at once in one place, Bright Sparks app is the key. And it is the IOS version of the Bright Sparks Android app which was released two months back.

    The app consists of 6 levels and each comprises 20 questions on different areas with entail to the themes around the school such as Laboratory and Library. 10 points will be awarded for each correct answer and 5 will be reduced from your total marks for an incorrect answer.

    Yes of course, it is a bit tricky and you have to score minimum 150 marks to jump up to the next level. Lastly you will be awarded with grades based on your performance and those grades will be added to your report card. May be you must be having doubts on the correct answer, if so justify yourself through the Wikipedia search which is integrated to the app will takes you to the Wikipedia where it contains the appropriate details with the correct answer.

    So what’s the deal… Who will give you multiple opportunities at once totally free like this to improve and refresh your knowledge while enjoying and learning new things? Bright Sparks for IOS is a totally free app and available on App Store.

    Send your feedback to: ios-feedback@hsenidoutsourcing.com

    Be a Bright Spark which rise to the dark sky and feel the ultimate fun while refreshing your memory and learn new things.

    For More Details visit Appspace

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