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Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by Patrick-Au, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I want to outscore my first app for ios.

    It will be a fun quiz game if you click the correct graphic
    you'll get the next round aso.

    I'm ceo of a graphic design company and I would like to provide my developer with
    the graphics for the entire app.

    We're in use of photoshop cs5-
    so my questions is how to prepare the files for him/her
    or should i save png's and sent them over to him/her ?

    I've a template "teehanlax-iOS7-iPhone" but I'm not sure what to do with it,

    I'm aware of 640 x 1126 pixels 72 ppi and RGB color-
    but for example if i want to design 5 balls in different sizes
    what sizes would be good for my developer ?

    I hope this make sense,

    thank you


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  2. saud

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    If you are planning on outsourcing my friend, please make sure your developer and yourself are on the same page.

    Also if you are attempting to make any money on the game, please focus on marketing and sales and let the developer worry about the technicalities unless you are very hands on with technology yourself.

    For now you can send the PNG's to your developer and he/she would know what to do with them. Give your developer the PNG and have them come back with any additional sizes they may require.
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  4. They only need one size as they can scale it down depending on the device it runs on.

    To be honest, you are really asking a question that none of us can really answer because it boils down the UI layout and how many pictures you intend to show on a single page.
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    How to use this app?
  6. damponting44

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    Good question dear..but i wont to tell you that it is all depend upon your project decide first what is your work.
    what kind of project you make or what kind of app you want to it can help you and your developer
    to build your project better..
    Thank you!
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    anyone help me which app best for screen recorder in iphone6s.
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    Why don't you tell your developer what you want and ask what sizes would be good for him?
  10. Ennathe

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    useful info, thanks for sharing

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