How to Start Marketing Your New App

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    In our daily lives, everyone is using smartphones and tablets that require apps. Similarly, if we talk about mobile apps, some apps are very popular. Popular apps (are like celebrities that) produce high revenue and other remaining apps (are like normal people that) are not able to produce high-level revenue. Did you ever think that why some apps are very popular? Today we will talk about this.
    Some apps are very popular not only due to good-looking app interface with attractive color schemes but there are some other smart and efficient techniques that these apps very popular when these apps where developed, nobody knows and are unknown apps but with the short passage of time these apps becomes very popular in the world. The apps like Whatsapp, IMO Messenger, Facebook, Facebook Elite, Skype Messenger, UC Browser, YouTube etc. We talk about why these apps are very popular and learn how to make our apps so popular like these apps. The answer is smart and efficient marketing techniques. Marketing means promotion. So Marketing of Your App means the promotion of your app.

    Some techniques are as follows;
    1. Develop a Small Website:
    Develop a small website for your new app that contains all features and details of the app and you don’t need the fully functional website. A small website of 1 or 2 pages is enough for marketing and promotion of your new develop app. This small website related to your app attracts the users to search and see what is new in this app.

    2. Post in your Blog:
    Post all the details and features of your app in your blog. This is called the free promotion of your new product to increase app popularity because when you become successful in promoting your app then the app will be able and available for marketing.

    3. Use Social Media:
    Using social media websites or platforms you can do free promotion and marketing of your new app. Free and famous platforms like YouTube, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram etc. Join the android app review exchange groups or app promotion groups to get engage users.


    4. App Review Exchange:
    With the help of App Review Exchange, your app can also get fame from app review websites that help your new app in giving popularity. Popular app review websites have a large number of audience or followers or visitors.

    5. Demo Video:
    You can also record a demo (demonstration) and then upload your app demo video to social networking websites like Facebook and also social media website like YouTube. The demo video is basically a short video or tutorial video that defines the working and functionality of an app.
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    Here are the some powerful techniques to promote a new mobile app:
    Study Customer Behavior Patterns
    Localize your app store listings the right way
    Keep in Mind Your Main Objective
    Refine Your Marketing Strategy
    Choose the Right Mobile Technology
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    Useful tips in order to market your new app

    1. Submit For Reviews
    2. Social Networking
    3. Create a Website/Landing Page
    4. Promote Through Free Content
    5. Advertise Your App
    6. Create Free and Paid Versions
    7. Giveaways and Coupons
    8. Search Marketing
    9. Forums
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