How to show the floor map with route?

Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by bharath, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. bharath

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    How to show the floor map with route in iOS? I'm planning to show the floor map like this,


    If the user select origin and destination on the floor map, need to show the route between origin and destination. How to achieve and create this floor map with route?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable idea's.
  2. damponting44

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    Utilize the guide just to make a chart representation of it (v.g. every room a hub, and every purpose of the passage with an entrance to a room another hub, in addition to a hub for hall crossing points). Store with your hubs which purpose of the guide they speak to. Connect the hubs with fragments speaking to the separation.

    Presently you simply utilize POD (Plain Old Dijkstra*) and figure the way utilizing the diagram.

    Take after the way and attract a line the guide connecting the focuses spoke to by the hubs in your guide.

    *: Or the way it is composed..

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