How to push a top 10 ranking in app store?

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  1. 1. Analysis of current situation:
    1) Media recommendation mechanism almost ceases to be effective: Game Medias have no idea on
    Players’ favorite; the reported games could not even rush into top rank but this ineffective report is still copied among Medias; there is too much risk for a new game to push ranking through game medias.
    2) Marketing department is ineffective: marketing works slowly but in high cost.

    2. An interview in some report:
    Q: How $96,000 can buy you a top 10 ranking in the U.S. app store?

    A: It turns out that those 80,000 downloads cost you $96,000 in the U.S. for a non-game app — an average price of $1.20 per download. That’s actually cheaper than it would be if you had to buy them all, due to “organic uplift” that helps you generate more downloads as people start using your app, and tweeting, sharing, and talking about your app. It’s cheaper for games. While non-game apps have a 65 percent uplift, game apps get a full 100 percent organic boost, according to TradeMob. That means that for every game app you pay, incentivize, or advertise to get a download, another one happens “for free.” So those 80,000 installs cost you only an average price of $0.70, for a total of $56,000. Other countries are cheaper, of course. The UK requires only 26,000 installs to hit the top charts; Germany, 15,000, and Spain, a mere 7,000. But, of course, the financial benefit of having a top 10 app in those countries is significantly less as well.

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  2. Well, you can also exchange reviews with others users and developers. It will help a little..., for instance.
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    Well, app reviews have really great influence to your store rankings. So it's very important to pay much attention to them.
    You can install Feedback SDK that will ask users to write reviews and direct only the good ones to the store. It's also a good way to get feedback from you users and ind out more about them.
    Some analytics service like can help you make sense out of your app reviews, if there are a lot of them and easily analyze them.
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    That's pretty good information for app promotion guys. Thanks a Ton for sharing that.
  5. Can you guys share some sites which facilitate app reviews?
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    We researched app ranking recently, and how it depends on good reviews and rating. here are some points:

    Just a one app rating can lead to a significant increase in number of installs. A survey by Apptentive shows that the number of stars directly impact the number of downloads. Moving from 2-stars to 3-stars rating can enhance app store conversion by 340%. 3 to 4 stars increases downloads by 89%. As much as 60% of survey respondents said that they almost always check an app’s rating before installing it.

    Negative ratings and reviews do not always mean the app is bad. Reviews are biased. How can app developers control ratings and reviews and make them work in their favor?

    1. Use rating prompts wisely
    Rating prompts are in-app messages designed to encourage users to rate your app. They are proven to be an effective tool for increasing volume of positive reviews and ratings. Prompts should be utilized carefully. Showing them too much or at the wrong time could annoy users and lead to negative reviews. Don’t use prompts on newly-registered users, let them get their positive experience first. Showing a rating prompt to each customer once is a good practice.

    2. Update app frequently

    Apps with older versions are more likely to have lower ratings in comparison to apps that are updated often. The 100 top apps in both Google Play and Apple App Store are updated more frequently than average apps.

    3.Start dialog with your user

    You can prevent negative ratings by creating an in-app feedback form for reporting bugs and problems. Let users share their negative impressions to you directly rather than publish them on the app stores. Addressing negative reviews will also help to increase retention rate and improve app reputation.

    4. Don’t forget about CPI advertising

    It’s hard to achieve a high ranking without a proper amount of organic traffic. Utilizing rewarded installs boost campaign is the fastest and most efficient way to reach app visibility and gain organic downloads.
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    It is very expensive.... I have no money
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    There is a company based in Munich, Germany that has it's own gaming network in App Stores of US, Canada, UK and Germany with around 300 million active players (not bots like many similar companies do). They only advertise apps in their games directly with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and it goes that you pay after you get your position or amount of installs.

    I work with them a lot, and happy with their service that's why I'm writing, money-wise it goes around 30 cents per install.
    You can add me on Skype and I will get you in a contact with them.

    Skype name is artem.sdzen
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    Interesting info. If it is possible always try to create some kind of viral sharing boost in your app. If it's done well it can do miracles for you.
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    You needed to best Social Communities and Group. like as
    1) Facebook
    2) Twitter
    3) Pinterest
    4) StumbleUpon
    5) Linkedin etc.
    and your apps have needed some back linking to boost your top 10 ranking. :):):):):):):):):)
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    To promote your app ranking to top10, you have to know the influence factors of app ranking. The keywords, icon, title, description,screenshots and reviews of your app will affect the app ranking in app stores. Now, I will explain the details for you at below:

    (1) icon and title. An app that have appealing and attractive icon must have more installs than other apps, a readable and appropriate title is also the important factor. You should create your icon and title by spying your competitors, and you can add the keywords in app's title, which can increase the exposure and search ranking of your app.

    (2) description: although the content of description not be allowed to search in ios app store, you could try your best to create a compelling and readable description. Because it focus on introducing the important information of your app, like function and goal.

    (3) screenshots: the screenshots convey the core concept of your app, so you should design clear and attractive screenshots to attract audiences. In this part, you can add the screenshots of reviews of your app, which can shows the experience and responses from your users.

    (4) ratings and reviews: 4/5 stars ratings and positive reviews are the important reference factors when audience choose an app, which also affect the rankings of your app. So it is necessary to optimize the ratings and reviews, if you have enough budget, you could collaborate with a reliable app ratings and reviews provider to help you.

    (5) do keywords research:keywords serve as the decisive part of app store optimization. With the limit of characters, finding the appropriate keywords of your app is very important. In this part, you can analyze the keywords of your competitors, creating the relevant, competitive and localized keywords to improve the search ranking of keywords. Indeed, buying keywords search installs is also a good way to help you optimize your keywords if you have enough budget.

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