How to market my new app Quizzer?

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  1. how to promote your app ?

    Marketing your own iPhone app seems like one of the tedious tasks for most developers. Of all the thousands of apps found, why should someone choose yours?

    Step 1: "Target Your Goal". Choosing the right company for these services can be very challenging.

    Step 2: "Determine Solution". we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your app's main competitors and create a clear profile of your app's most likely consumers and determine solutions that we apply to it specifically as it is individual process. Mainly it is a combination of PR activities, SM and media buying.

    Step 3: "Execute".we will promote your app in ways that we both agree and your prospective consumers will respond to and ensure that your app is featured front and center in front of the right crowd.

    Step 4: "Reach Your Target Rank".we will manage to get your app and its content more attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and top rank. Your requests are what we are constantly pursuing to meet, and we are willing to create a good future with all customers.
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    Good stuff
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    Hi, there are many ways to promote your app. For example, about this post, you could write a brief introduction of your app, or post its link here, not just metioned the title. Then those people who see the post would know about your app, maybe they have downloaded it. Here i will list some other methods of app promotion, hope these methods are useful to you:

    1. Title and icon
    The two elements are very important. The title must be simply and shot because of the limited bytes, and Google Play Store data shows that the title contains keywords can improve 10.3% ranking in the app store, so if possible, be sure to put the main keywords in the title. And about the icon, a unique one will attract more people to view the app's details.

    2.Build app website
    You can build an app website, including blog and forum , the blog is about FAQ or somthing else, helping users solve some common questions and improving the user experience. About the forum, users can post their questions on it instead of complaining with rewiews on app download page.

    3.Social media
    This method is easy and useful. You can share your app link on your facebook, twitter,linkedin, google+, etc., you also can ask your friends to help your share it. What's more, you can join relevant groups, sharing some updates to promote your app.

    4.Get positive reviews
    You can guild and incentivize users to leave positive reviews, most audiences prefer to choose an app which have more positive reviews. If you feel its difficult to get positive reviews from your users, you can get app reviews from positive reviews providers(like Reviewapp4u).

    5 App store optimization
    Your app's rank and PR in app store will be improved by doing ASO, and generally speaking, most users prefer to dowload an app which ranks in top 10.

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