How to market my new app Quizzer?

Discussion in 'App Marketing & Promotion' started by thorep, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. thorep

    thorep Newbie


    Anyone have some marketing tips?
    Links to sites and so on.

  2. jini01

    jini01 Newbie

    What type of app is it? Typically for marketing the first thing we do for our apps is to get the keywords that we want the app to be found. Are you looking for it to show up higher on search engines like Google or you are just looking at more sales? Try posting a description of the app on these forums and then I can possibly give you some ideas. If it is meant for kids then you have to focus on where kids go for apps or if it meant for adults, you will have to look at those. For starters post your app details at: Advertising and Self Promotion and someone can give you ideas

    Squidoo is another good site to get some quality traffic. You can try Submit Your iPhone App for Review | The iPhone App Review : iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App Reviews but I think that costs a little bit of money.
  3. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Thanks for the answer!
    Quizzer is a multiplayer - multilanguage quiz app. Its for youth to adults. Quizzer The Game

    Ill try to go to the sits you mentioned in your post.
  4. jini01

    jini01 Newbie

    Is your app a freemium app or one where you charge money upfront?
  5. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Its freemium:)
  6. jini01

    jini01 Newbie

    you mentioned multiplayer? is that over the network or just locally multiplayer?
  7. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Its over network , you can play wherever you are.
  8. boomstick

    boomstick Super Moderator Staff Member

    You may need a marketer that markets your game. Or you can have an app review company review it but you have to make sure they are well ranked in search engines or that review will not matter. Also make sure to post a link to the app store here in the forums and ask for an unbiased review etc. This will not only give you great feedback to improve the game but also you will get a discussion around it which will gather attention.

    hope that helps
  9. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Yeah that helps:) Ill post the app here when its out (waiting for apple approval).

    What review sites are best , and how to get them to review my app?
  10. boomstick

    boomstick Super Moderator Staff Member

  11. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Great work!!!:D

    Those sites are big , my app is still small.
    How to you get them to review it?
  12. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Does anyone have the photoshop skills to make an image of a sliced citron? I need a logo for my company "Citron Software"
  13. iosman

    iosman Level 1 Regular Member

    Yes I have used someone in past that has done great logos for me. Her name is Lydia and she is a graphic designer out of Malaysia. You can email her at She is really good.
  14. boomstick

    boomstick Super Moderator Staff Member

    I will be adding many more links that are more geared towards smaller apps like yours. Didn't get time on weekend due to work 911 :(

  15. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Quizzer has been in Waiting for review for about a week now. Hope something happens soon!
  16. ethansamuel17

    ethansamuel17 Newbie

    There are many ways to promote our application in market.
    1. Create short video regarding this app and post it on youtube
    2. make a free demo of application
    3. Describe features in forum site
  17. I am very glad to see like that it is freemium and over network, you can play wherever you are. Thanks for sharing tips.
  18. michaeldotson

    michaeldotson Newbie

    @ jini01.. I have also a link and want someone to take a look at this website and make some honest review. Anyway, will check the link you shared and will update this thread as soon as we have discussed this thing.

    Thanks anyway!
  19. mokoolapps

    mokoolapps Newbie

    A few ways to market (this takes time)
    - Review Sites (soo many, dont have to pay)
    - Keyword research (app store)
    - Video of app
    - Press Release
  20. SPR

    SPR Newbie

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