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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by JonnyVermont, Jan 3, 2017.

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    hello. I am new to iOS development. I've been learning on my own for a couple of months now.

    I am starting my first app. I would like to add interactive graphs that are both beautiful, customizable to my design, and animated as the load and are interacted with. We've all seen wonderful graphs and controls like these. Here are some samples:

    [ OK, I can't include links because I have not had 10 posts yet. You know what these look like… Interactive animated graphs from Nike, mint, when they load they sort of grow from the bottom or wave in from the side. ]

    My question is, are these coded from scratch using Swift base capabilities or are these third-party plug-ins? Is it very difficult to program these?

    I would appreciate some insight

    Thank you!
  2. saud

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    Comprehensive libraries especially charting etc are usually written by 3rd party developers or will come part of the iOS SDK. It would be an enormous task in my opinion to code one of these if you are intending to use it for your own app. Think about the development time, testing time on various devices and if you are doing that then how will you end up writing your original app. A lot of times you can use a 3rd party plugin and then modify to suit the needs of your application.

    Here is one:

    Also take a look at its support section at:

    Imagine, you probably would have to deal with all these issues on average for a decent library if you had to write one by yourself for your app so why not utilize it.
  3. JonnyVermont

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    Thank you for much for your response. I will check them out!
  4. saud

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    Good luck!

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