How to implement a chat service?

Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by Biggreentree, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Biggreentree

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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm building an app for my boss, and I have to implement a chat. the app will run on iOS for now but in the future it's gonna run on android too, so I need a cross platform solution. I will develop it in Swift, on Iphone only.
    once you logged in by Facebook , Twitter or email you'll be able to send messages to other users logged in the app and online. you know, waze style.

    I think i cannot use iMessage. Someone told me about jabber. Boss told me to look for a third party chat service but I cannot find the right one.

    could someone help me?
  2. genesis

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    Please see the image below for a few common services you can integrate with.

  3. Rayan Slim

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    Hey, I have a udemy tutorial on this! In the udemy site, look up: Build a powerful IOS Chat App in Swift 3 (with Pagination)

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