How to Get more App Reviews?

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    The more the positive reviews you get from you app users, the more you will get your newer users to trust and respect your app. Follow the following tips to get app reviews and you will definitely increase app reviews in no time.

    Create a quality app
    If you don’t have a great app in the first place, you cannot expect many positive reviews. If you don’t have an app that does its functions well, you cannot expect many people to use it or leave positive reviews. You should create a good app and back it up with excellent services.

    Encourage Feedbacks
    This is the simplest strategy to get more reviews for your app. Ask your app users to leave a feedback without interfering with the user experience. When asked the right way and at the right time, you can generate a large volume of reviews.

    Buy reviews
    Sometimes you’ve just got to buy app reviews, especially when you know it’s an awesome app. There are lots of these kind of websites available but you have to be extremely careful when choosing(reviewapp4u and bestreviewapp are recommended)

    Update your App Periodically
    As iOS platforms are regularly updated, updating your app simultaneously will further help your users get the best experience, it will also keep your app in the highlighted list of ‘recently updated’ apps.

    Make sure you start with Good Reviews
    Getting started with negative reviews can quickly and easily make users who haven’t even used the app before to leave a negative reviews. And this leads to giving people a bad impression about your app and they can easily decide not to download.

    Influencer Sharing and Review
    Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people.

    Once you have gotten a decent number of ratings and reviews for the App, this will encourage newer users to leave their own positive opinions.

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