How to Get Feedback of Your App?

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    As an app developer, you have to understand the attitude of users can decide the installs and revenue of your app. Because it’s up to users to choose whether to install an app and keep it in his or her mobile phone. The feedback of users plays an essential part of app promotion, because it conveys the experience of users directly and can becomes the reference factor for users when they install an app. Therefore, this time we will talk about getting app reviews in App Store and Google Play.

    Analyze the psychology of users

    As we all known that the goal of getting reviews of users are to get insight on what should we improved and boost app ranking in app stores. However, you will not achieve this goal unless you know what the users are thinking about. Here is what you need to know to get reviews form your app:

    • You should distinguish the style of users, which including talkative and non-talkative users. The length of reviews that be leaved by talkative users may become the negative reviews, which can influence your app installs in return. Of course, the non-talkative users would not like to leave their feedback unless they have meet some special situations.

    • You have to find the right time to guide users to leave feedback, because it may be the last time to use your app when they close your app.

    • Cater to the interests of users is essential for you to learn about, because users don’t like to be interrupted when they are playing an app. You can guide them to leave feedback when they have finished a level.

    • Users may feel annoy and not patient if you guide them to leave their feedback all the time. A survey shows that guiding users only one time is the best method to get positive reviews.

    The methods of get feedback


    Pop-ups is the method that most app developers have used to get app reviews. As I have mentioned above, the time of pop-ups appear should be right, and the times should also be controlled. Indeed, in order to avoid the impatient of users, you can design a yes/no choice to guide users to leave their feedback voluntarily.

    Instant message

    When users have reviewed or rated your app, you could send an instant message to the users. It is an effective method to keep communicating with users in time and leave them good impression. If your app is of valued, the old users would like to popularize your app in their friends’ circle, which can get more app store reviews in return.


    Survey is an useful way to know how to improve the function of your app. The questions that you designed should provide a few possible answers to check the experience of users and guide them to leave their feedback, and you can improve your app depending on the results of users. One tip that you have to keep in mind is the number of questions should be controlled in case users feel annoyed.

    Collaborate with a paid-review company

    If you have enough budget but have limited time and effort to promote your app, it is suitable for you to buy app reviews from a reliable reviews provider company, which can provide more professional services to boost your app ranking in app stores.


    Just the positive reviews can make your app more outstanding among other apps, but it is hard for app developers to get app store reviews in current situation. By sparing no effort to communicate with your users, there is no reason you couldn’t help make your reviews and ratings up and boost app ranking in app stores.
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    1. Find out your USP: Know what makes your app unique when it stands among competitors.

    2. App Store Optimization: Make sure your app is fully optimized when it’s uploaded onto app market place.

    3. Video Trailers: Video Trailers are best when it comes to generate buzz in early days.

    4. Constant updates: Don’t ever forget to update users about the development process. As it will not only allow users to stay updated but will also increase your user base with new signups for newsletters.

    5. Beta Testing: Plan out the beta testing in advance so have feedback about how your app is working.

    6. Forums: Forums are a good way when you are in initial phase. You can find your relevant audience in the forums also you will get multiple tips on how you can increase your app reach.

    7. Outreaching: Don’t forget to outreach big players who will help you spread the news faster.

    8. Press kit: Most of the people ignore the press kit as they don’t understand its power. Include your app icons, screenshots and other information about what your app will do and how it will help the user. This is a great way to tell people especially journalist about your app.

    4. Not Planning the App Release Date in Advance:

    The adrenaline rush that you have to launch your app as soon as the last line of code is written is understandable, but not planning you launch in advance is not. Make sure plan your launch date in advance. As it will help you in planning out the milestones about what should be done in this much amount of time.
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  7. There are several ways to get the feed back from your users:

    1. Ask to place the reviews, rating or fill the feed back form your user. The main principle is to ask this at the appropriate time and manner.
    2. Use the url of client loyality
    3. Place the incent reviews to motivate the organic users to review your app. One of the reviews' provider is KeenMobi.

    Do not forget that you need to create the support team over the Internet to help your custom with any request or issue:

    • Social Media Support: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Email Support


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