How to find games publishers?

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    I am a Bangldeshi developer. I have just finished my first game which is compatible for iOS and android devices. I NEED GAME PUBLISHER to publish my game. Other than Chillingo and Miniclip I don't know any publisher. I tried to contact with them but still do not get any reply. Please let me know some developer to whom I should contact. Your suggestion will help me a lot. Thank you in advance.
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    Why do you need a game publisher to publish your game? Why not do it yourself? Are you looking for marketing help?
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    So you think your amusement has what it takes, that you are prepared to get a distributed arrangement? You next stride is to discover a distributer for your diversion.

    The way toward drawing nearer distributers is difficult; it's tedious work, requiring critical measures of planning and tirelessness, and it is loaded with chances to "blow-it": a fasten up can regularly come about an item advancement individual rashly inferring that your amusement accommodation is not something they would be occupied with. To comprehend why this is along these lines, consider:

    Like other media outlets, the diversions business is about connections; individuals lean toward working with individuals they know, as, and trust.

    95%+ of diversion entries from outside engineers get rejected.

    Item improvement (PD) experts are overwhelmed – these are exceptionally bustling individuals.

    There are totally excessively numerous diversion entries from an excessive number of engineers to monitor for generally distributers.

    Distributers frequently get singed by engineers; designers miss turning points and ship dates, items don't experience the buildup the engineer guaranteed, and so on.

    Most diversions don't profit; numerous really lose cash for the distributer.
  4. You should go to the Miniclip website there you can submit your game. Or you can contact them by other contacts.

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