Fat Facebooth / Old Face Booth Source Code

Discussion in 'iOS App/ Source Code for Sale' started by Mr S, May 14, 2020.

  1. Mr S

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    Hello, we are willing to sell a SMALL number of the Fatface & OldFace source codes for iOS.

    The source codes are not cheap, because they are not buildbox games built in 2 hours... Nor sold on reskin

    We are not able to customise the app for you, you can do that yourself, in Xcode, however you MUST change ALL artwork and sound fx where relevant. You may NOT re-use any of the artwork content.

    This is not an app-transfer, this is sale of the source code for which you can either reskin or create your own version etc etc, and is a legitimate sale.

    Feel free to PM with offers, however please do not send silly offers, you can see these are not cheap codes.

    PS> Resale of the code is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

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